Singapore Beauty Haul

by - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whilst I was in Singapore I've managed to buy a few skin care products that I currently need in my routine. I always enjoy visiting a Sephora or the beauty counters at a department store as well as its drugstores in Singapore, as there a lot of brands that I cannot get here in Jakarta. There are a few repurchases but most of them are products that I am using for the first time. Testing out new skincare products is a joy but I always need to do some research before hand, as I suffered in the past from really horrible acne, thus I feel obliged to check on the ingredients prior to purchasing - I am a bit OCD in that way.

First stop was Sephora! Being a huge fan of Caudalie, I needed to repurchase my all time favourite moisturiser: Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifiying Fluid. Caudalie is a brand that I used to wear during my university days - when I still lived in Europe -  and I have to say that they make fabulous skin care products at a reasonable pricing. However in Asia it is considered more of a luxe brand, thus it tends to be on the pricier side compared to Europe.  This moisturizer is definitely a must for anyone looking for a mattifying effect but still gives enough hydration to the skin. I definitely am obsessed with the formulation of this product. It is seriously so lightweight yet if feels so hydrating to my skin and because of its mattifying properties, it is a gorgeous base for your makeup. It also does control the face oils throughout the day, I always feel less oily when I use this.  I admit I don't wear this moisturizer on a daily basis, but because I live in a really humid country there are times that I just need my makeup to last longer and this is definitely the moisturizer that I reach for. But its also a great moisturizer when you just want something lightweight for hot upcoming summer days.

Strolling through the beauty aisles at a Metro department store, I decided to check the Clarins counter. Clarins is just another favourite brand of mine - I just love anything French! I've read and heard that they came up with a new formulation for their hydration range and will be discontinuing the Hydra-Quench products, replacing it with Hydra-Essential. I though at first that this range would already be in Singapore, as I seriously wanted to try it so bad, but I was wrong. I felt a bit disappointed but nonetherless I still purchased my all time favourite Clarins HydraQuench Cream Gel. When I feel that my skin is slightly more dehydrated than usual, I would always get my hands on this moisturizer. I just love the texture as well as the feeling of soaking all of that moisture back into my skin. Often times, I find myself using this as a night cream because a lot of them tend to break me out, maybe due to their richness. 

As I passed by a Guardian, a renown drugstore in Singapore, I decided to purchased some sheet masks and they happen to have an offer at that time. Buy one get two free! I mean I could not pass for such a good deal. And no they weren't expired. I bought the Guardian snail mucus one with yucca vera extract  for hydration as well as the Guardian golden cocoon with lotus leaf extract for brightening. I am such a huge fan of sheet masks but honestly speaking have never tried any products containing some kind of cocoon extract. I am kinda excited to try it out.

Another great popular drugstore in Singapore is Watsons. Being a huge fan of the CosRx BHA power liquid essence,  I wanted to give the One Step Pimple Clear Pad a try. It is basically BHA or salicylic acid on a cotton pad. The product contains 70 cotton pads and is known for being both a chemical as well as a gentle mechanical exfoliator. I suffer from tiny white heads as well as blackheads on my cheek so I always feel the need to use an BHA in my routine to exfoliate the skin's surface from dead cells. Every time I used some sort of an acid exfoliant, I just have a feeling that the next product I put on soaks better on to my skin - maybe it's just in my head. This is my first time purchasing this product and just cannot wait to see how it feels and also to compare to the ones that I sometimes purchased from First Aid Beauty

I also managed to purchase at Watsons a new hyaluronic acid serum. Hyaluronic acid is a staple in my skin care routine. There is not a day that goes by that I won't wear some sort of hyaluronic acid element in my routine. When I omit it, my skin feels so dull and my makeup does not apply well on to my skin. And furthermore living in a humid country I feel that all the moisture just evaporates in a second, so I need all the moisture that I can have. My big sister actually suggested that I try one from Daytox. Thus I picked up the Hydrating H serum, a serum containing BioDtox, Hyaluron and Vitamin B5. Basically only good stuff, to protect the skin from pollution and stress as well as giving back moisture to the skin. Who does not want plump and supple skin from all the hydration. I do! I was also pleasantly surprise that Daytox was a vegan brand, so for those who are more social conscious but still looking for a brand that values great thoughts behind each product, definitely check them out!

I've also picked up two products from the brand Alba Botanica. This was again a brand that was introduced by my lovely sister and upon doing some research I noticed that it is a vegetarian brand that do not test on animals.  For a while now I was looking for gentle eye cream that I could wear during the day and so I decided to pick up the Hawaiian eye gel revitalizing green tea. It is packed with a variety of plant extracts and has even hyaluronic acid in it. Great! Can't wait to test it out!
I was also on a hunt for a gentle toner and decided to purchased the Hawaiian facial toner complexion balancing toner. I have to be honest that I am quite disappointed with this toner. As you know prior to purchasing some products I like to research on the different ingredients a beauty product has. Clearly this time I failed to read. Once back home with the physical item I noticed that this toner contains alcohol, an ingredient that sometimes does irritate my skin. But I saw that it's listed at the end, so maybe it won't irritate my skin after all. I mean let's see how it goes because I am still going to try it out. 

That was basically all the beauty products that I've managed to bring back home. And if you don't like reading my long blog post you can always watch my Singapore beauty haul video down below.

By the way if you fancy a more in depth review on some of these products do let me know in the comment sections and feel free to share some of your new skincare products that you've managed to score these past months. I love discovering new skin care products. #SkinCareJunkie

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